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What to Expect


What to expect from your first session: 


In our first session we will talk about your expectations of counselling and understand how those expectations can be met. 


We will look at goals and what matters to you most and how we can proceed at your pace. 


I understand that deciding whether you would like to try counselling or choosing a counsellor can be a difficult process, so please do contact me if you would like to talk about making this important decision.


I offer a safe and confidential space. When it may feel as though no one understands how you feel, and how you feel doesn't make sense. I can provide that extra support and understanding step by step along your journey.

Whatever your concerns, you are now looking at the benefit of getting professional help. I  have experience working with a diverse range of people who have come to therapy with a host of different concerns, from exam stress and bullying to depression and sexual abuse. I work with adults and young people from 14+. We are all unique, as are our issues, and whatever your concerns are I can help.

How counselling can help:


Counselling will help you to address your issues in a positive way, by exploring issues together we can focus on new ways of moving forward and develop strategies to increase self-awareness. I will work with you to create a trusting relationship where we can begin to explore those thoughts and feelings freely without fear of judgement. I offer caring therapy with careful listening and respect. Finding ways to improve well-being is central to how I work.


Tranquil Living Wellbeing Centre

1D Royal Oak Yard

Raikes Road
BD23 1NP

Centre of Settle.

My Approach

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Take The First Steps

If you're a resident of Skipton, Ilkley or surrounding areas that's struggling to find your way in your career or personal life, I can help!

Simply get in touch using the details below, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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